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HIFU Face Treatment

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COVID 19 Antibody and Antigens Test

Fractional radiofrequency with suction cup therapy.

The only combination of anti-cellulite treatment in Tenerife.
The anti-cellulite suction cup is applied on the skin making suction, so that the pressure exerted causes cellulite rupture. Blood circulation is then stimulated and the fat and toxins released are expelled into the lymphatic drainage network. RF Frax is a fractional radiofrequency that delivers energy through an applicator with 64 micro contact points on the skin. Recovery, renewal and rejuvenation occur from the deeper layers to the surface of the skin.

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Island Village, Av. Austria, 46, local 3
38660 - Adeje
Santa Cruz de Tenerife
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Clínica Sol del Sur

Island Village, Av. Austria, 46, local 3
38660 - Adeje
Santa Cruz de Tenerife

822 61 53 27
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